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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Water Alert_Fluoride -Sharon_64a_MN House

Fluoride Action Network

PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES: Dr. Vyvyan Howard (See also: Higher-Quality Version)


As your constituent, I support the over 1,750 medical, dental, scientific, and environmental professionals calling for an end to fluoridation and a new Congressional Hearing on Fluoridation. See link to "Professionals' Statement" at the Fluoride Action Network home page:
The professionals cite the landmark 2006 National Research Council (NRC) report on fluoride in water that identified many adverse health effects associated with exposure to fluoride. Based on the concentration levels reported to be harmful, there is clearly no adequate margin of safety to protect against these adverse effects for the 170 million Americans drinking fluoridated water. Especially at risk are infants and small children, the elderly or frail, and those with above average water consumption, inadequate nutrition, diabetes, and poor thyroid or kidney function.
Ignoring all risks in the NRC report, the US CDC still spends millions of tax dollars aggressively promoting fluoridation and, after more than one year, the US EPA has failed to do the fluoride Risk Assessment called for in the NRC report. We need a new Congressional Hearing requiring CDC and EPA officials to provide, under oath, valid evidence that fluoridation is safe for ALL