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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

R_Pres.McCain? appoints DFL HillaryClinton VP ?

John McCain_Hillary Clinton - Google Search

its about time the Republicans make HISTORYFOR THE PUBLIC GOOD OF THE COUNTRY

McCain get with the high tech of the www

Hey Kennedy Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Your a DFL Mentor to ALL CITIZENS
Hillary has the Experience,Energy: McCain REpublican should make HISTORY
have Hillary as Vice President, There's not a Dimes worth of difference in PARTYS.
Home min ago
It would be a TRIP if Republican McCain, would challenge the Constitutionality of our Party System and announce Democrat Hillary Clinton as his Vice President
Show me where you have to have the same party for Pres and VP We the People should be able to VOTE for the Person not the Party's
Who says Politics makes Strange Bedfellows

Democrats Denver

By Adam Nagourney
New York Times

DENVER — Sen. Edward Kennedy, struggling with brain cancer, arrived on Monday night at the Democratic National Convention in a triumphant appearance that evoked 50 years of party history as Democrats gathered to nominate Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Kennedy's appearance wiped away, at least for the evening, some of the tension that continued to plague the party in the wake of the primary fight between Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It also represented an effort by the Obama campaign to claim the Kennedy mantle, and it set the stage for the second part of what was designed to be an emotionally powerfully two-act evening: an appearance later by Michelle Obama, who began a weeklong effort to present her husband — and his entire family — as embodiments of the American dream.

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