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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sharon Anderson 64a MN_Freedom_Petition_Peace

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Freedom, what a pain

Pioneer Press

Freedom, what a pain in the neck. You give it to one group, pretty soon everybody else is wanting it, too. Freedom to assemble. Freedom to speak. Freedom to petition for a redress of grievances. So clean and pretty in principle. Such a nuisance in practice.

Take, for example, this little shindig just a few blocks over from our newspaper offices in downtown St. Paul. A bunch of Republicans are coming to town. They're paying big money to rent a big arena for a big convention. They expect to be free to assemble and speak in an orderly way, in a safe environment, and to count on accessing the public thoroughfare to get back and forth from their hotels and extracurricular assemblies.

Meantime, a bunch of people who don't necessarily see the world the way the

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Why this high tech news media does not online the legal briefs, of National Importance is questionable:1._Click here: Impeach Bush For Peace » Minnesota_
In Court right now. 25Aug08 before Gearin.
2. Google Search on
Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin
_Judge Kathleen Gearin mn - Google Search

3. Federal Judge Joan Erickson:_Federal Judge Joan Erickson mn - Google

Question: Has Minnesota Election Laws circumventing
_Voting Rights Act - Google Search_ disenfranchised the
Voters from a Presidential Primary?

a._Minnesota Office of the Secretary of
State - Fair Campaign Practices_

4. Ballots: Minnesota is a Caucaus State: Defective Ballots?
_Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State - Example Ballots_

_ cs/2008_primary-general_exampl e_ballots_6-30-08__2_.pdf_
General 4Nov08

_ cs/2008_primary_example_ballot _-_final.pdf_ _ Ballot9Sept08_

_MN Sec. State Ballots 2008 - Google Search_

Primary Ballot Ward 2 Precint 1 has NO SPACE for Write in
and VP
Thank You Candidate **** 64a MN We the people must Implement the REPEAL of Unpublished Opinions
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