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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sharon Anderson 2008 Vote State Rep 64A



VAwidowwhistleblower, St. Paul Central 56

1994 IR attorney general; attorney pro se, attorney in fact; real estate entrepreneur; senior activist, VFW Salvation Army, City Passport, Eagles; aka BlogginBabe; legal forensic analyst; implementing e-voting, e-commerce; ECF P165913; Pacer sa1299; federal cases Heritage Peterson, Mora, Minn.; Chergosky-Minneapolis; 608 Ontario, aka Rodney McDonald Home

Not seeking endorsements.

Article III Minnesota Constitution separation of powers. Advocate high standards, ethics, morality, health care, eminent domain, just compensation regarding 1,404 vacant buildings. Sharon's fiduciary accountability, expose criminal violations of STAR monies to developers, ratification of assessments based on theft, trespass, treason, Fourth & Fifth search & seizure against the homeowners. At-large council IRV, eliminate hearing officer, abolish DSI, gross violations of Title 18 USC1961 (RICO) stealing cars, police impound lot, bring back integrity, public trust, fiduciary accountability. Sharon's compact will grant "due process" , redudant lawsuits & Laws must be published for Repeal, Amicus Curie. E-mail:

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