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Thursday, January 1, 2009


FAN Bulletin 1031: We came very close

January 1, 2009


First a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR to all fluoridation fighters wherever you are.

Second a HUGE thank you to all of those who gave so generously (some more than once!) to our fundraising drive for next year's work to rid the world of this fraud. We didn't quite make our goal - but we came very close. At the stroke of midnight we had raised $37,183, just $1,817 shy of our goal. If you remember we needed to reach $39,000 by midnight Dec 31 to receive another $1000 from a very generous donor. The good news, is that this person was so impressed with our overall effort that he has thrown in the extra $1000 any way.

So with that $!000 and with 2 donations this morning ($70) our grand total is $38,243 from 325 donors.

To put this into perspective, at this time last year - under much more favorable economic circumstances - we had raised $33,023 from 193 donors.

We are extremely excited by the large increase in the number of donors over last year.

We are also excited about our prospects in 2009. Over the next few days we will be outlining some of the ways we will continue the effort to end fluoridation. One of the big ways of course is with our new DVD. We will get this (and other thank you gifts) to donors as soon as we possibly can. Meanwhile, we would appreciate hearing from our friends around the world summarizing their battles and successes they had this last year and their hopes for the coming year.

But today for us - we are going to get some rest. Next bulletin on January 2.

Thank you again for everything you do and being part of the team determined to end fluoridation worldwide.

Paul Connett