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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Candidates Challenge Canvass Board DFL KathleenGearin's Ethics,Morals,RICO Acts

Candidates Sharon Anderson 64A and Bill Dahn I_US Sen, challenge the State Canvass Board Member Ramsey Co. Chief Judge, SCAP Panel Kathleen Gearin fo Civil,Criminal,Constitutional Rights, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.
HOMESenate recount panel named -


Senate recount panel named

By Dave Orrick

Video from the St. Paul Pioneer Press

Four judges and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie will make up Minnesota's 2008 General Election Canvassing Board. They are the people whose scrutiny of ballots could determine who wins the race between Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman and Democrat AL Franken.

Ritche announced the names this afternoon. They are:

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Eric J. Magnuson, Supreme Court Assoc. Justice G. Barry Anderson, Ramsey County District Court Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin, Ramsey County Assistant Chief Judge Edward J. Cleary and Ritchie.

Politically, the panel is diverse. Magnuson and Anderson are appointees of Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Gearin was elected in a non-partisan race in 1986 and declined to say what party, if any, she considers herself. Cleary was appointed by Independence Party Gov. Jess Ventura. Ritchie was elected as a Democrat.

31 min ago
Thanks for publishing the names of the canvass board
The Media must also publish their entire backgrounds
We have serious doubts to the Ethics of Kathleen Gearin, Single never married,former Ramsey County Attorney heavy DFL, also sits on the State Comittment Panel found at God,Gates and Google should be on this Canvass Board,

Kathleen Gearin has shown heinous,repugnant in her unpublished Orders to "take" Illegally the Homestead other propertys contrary to US 42 sec 3631 Heinous Violations against the Disabled Marine, triggering his "Murder" and 1 year Committment to Brainard State Hospital
We have standing as Candidates