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Sunday, October 12, 2008

BObama_DL to illegalaliens_Mohamed Atta

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Please find below a special message from our sponsor, the National Republican Trust PAC. They have an urgent message about Barack Obama and his wild plan to give driver's licenses to millions of illegal aliens. Read their message below!

Thank you.

Obama’s Plan:
Mohamed Atta Gets His Driver’s License

Dear Fellow American:

We have just weeks to go before Election Day . . . time is running short for us to avert a major disaster for our country. That disaster’s name is President Barack Obama.

But this disaster can be averted. I’m confident about this — even though the slanted media are overstating Obama’s inevitability.

But the numbers don’t lie.

The latest Zogby poll had John McCain trailing Obama by two points. Just two points!

Despite the full-court press to destroy McCain and Sarah Palin, Katie Couric’s antics against her, and a daily onslaught of media spin . . . McCain is still within striking distance.

The stakes have never been higher for the future of the country.

We either patriotically turn the country over to a man who has proudly served his nation in war time and peace — or we face electing a man who has a checkered past, a man who has counted domestic terrorists among his friends, and a man who spent 15 years in a church where his pastor regularly damned and condemned the United States.

Barack Obama is not simply a risky choice as our next president —
e is a dangerous one

This is why I have taken the helm here at the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee.

Here at the National Republican Trust, we understand our mission. It’s simple. It will also drive the left-wing media nuts.

Here’s the plan: We will tell the American people the truth about Barack Obama!

Every time John McCain or Sarah Palin tries to tell the truth about Obama, they are painted as mean-spirited and negative.

We here at the National Republican Trust can do the job McCain and Palin can’t.

But we need your help. Time is urgent — it’s crunch time.

You Can Help Us — Donate Today by Going Here Now

The latest reports show Obama outspending McCain by 3-to-1 in key states.

Millions of dubious new voters with the help of groups like ACORN are being registered to put the most extreme liberal in the history of the presidency in the White House.

But I’ll shock you: that’s OK!

Let them spend millions in getting new “voters” and millions more in TV ads.

I believe truth is more powerful than lies. How powerful?

Well, so powerful, in fact, that I believe one airing of our TV ads will equal at least 10 airings of theirs.

This issue will nail him.

In the closing weeks of this election, Obama is trying to remake himself as a moderate to win over lower-income, white, Democratic and independent voters.

He wants to hide the facts about his record. He is the most extreme liberal ever to be nominated by a major party.

We all know his 100 percent liberal rating in Congress, his support for the TOTAL gun ban in Washington, D.C., his opposition to protecting babies born alive, and his support for tax increases.

But there is one issue almost all Americans agree on: Illegal aliens should not be given driver’s licenses.

Help Expose Obama's License Plan — Go Here Now

Mohamed Atta's Florida
driver's license.

Not after 9/11.

Did you know that Mohamed Atta, the 9/11 ring leader, had a valid Florida driver’s license?

Did you know 13 of the 19 hijackers had obtained valid driver’s licenses? Armed with these licenses, eight of the hijackers even registered to vote!

Here is the shocking fact: Obama strongly supports giving illegal aliens in America driver’s licenses.

He said as much during two Democratic debates earlier this year.

The head of Homeland Security said such thinking was dangerous for national security.

Even Hillary Clinton backed away from Obama’s radical driver’s license plan.

Obama’s position is not a new one: We discovered that Obama has been a major proponent of driver’s licenses for illegals since his days as an Illinois state senator.

We have no doubt that, as president, Obama will also champion this radical plan.

With Osama bin Laden still at large, with al-Qaida promising “spectacular” attacks on the U.S homeland, with the threat of them using weapons of mass destruction against our cities — biological, chemical, and nuclear — can we risk putting such a man in the Oval Office?

Doesn’t he remember what happened on 9/11? More than 3,000 Americans were murdered.

Doesn’t he want to prevent that from ever happening again?

If he supports driver’s licenses for illegals, the answer is clear.

We need to inform millions of Americans about this man and his risky judgment.

We are days away from our new TV ad exposing Obama’s support for driver’s licenses for illegals.

But we need your help. We’re already preparing our ad budget in key swing states. The more you can donate to us today, the more we can spend in the coming days.

And don’t forget, you can donate a maximum of $5,000. Your spouse can also make a $5,000 donation.

With $5,000 we can saturate a whole city/market in a key swing state for one whole night.

But even $1,000 helps us. With $1,000 we can run 10 TV ads in a key market.

Whatever you can give, $500, $250 or any amount, can make a huge difference.

We at the National Republican Trust PAC appreciate your support and love of our country. We will not fail you. Too much is at stake.

Help Expose Obama's License Plan — Go Here Now

Thank you.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. If you agree with this letter, you can help in two ways. First, donate to us, and let us fight for you. Second, forward this e-mail and letter to at least 10 of your friends and family. Encourage them to read it. We can reach millions of Americans if even a fraction of our readers do this.

Donate Here — Go Here Now

Paid for by The National Republican Trust PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 2100 M St. NW Suite 170-340 Washington, DC 20037-1233

Contributions to The National Republican Trust PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. No corporate funds are accepted.

Donate Here — Go Here Now

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