Affiant has legally filed for State Rep 64A, the has a 2 million grant to promote Elections.

The City of St. Paul, MAYOR, Lawyers, including Jay Benanau law partner of Allen Weinblatt, former city councilm,man must immediately submit to the DFL Mike Ritchie Sec. of State for a Legal Opinion and or if the City Attorney and Mayor sign off on circumventing the Rights and Priviledges of 7,000 voters
for pecuniary gain, political undue influence, Resignations are demanded.

Further item no 56 Nancy Lazsryan in a car accident with her daughter, Carter and Helgen absent, WATCH THE VIDEO for Lantrys blatant prejuice, her high and mighty demeanor to deny due process, usurp the courts jurisdicion, re: Separation of Powers
FURTHER Whistleblower demands State Audit of the Citys vacant buildings,Taxing Authority by Illegal Fees Ratified by Theft, Trespass, Treason,
Unqualified Legislative Hearing Officer Marcia Moermond cannot try Constitutional Issues, re: Voting Rights Act
PS When affiant taped th council meeting no. 50 to 56 WHERE WAS CARTER?