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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big Brother-Taxaction without Representation

To: David Twa Lawyer ID Ramsey County Manager
To: Mark Oswald Director Elections/Taxaction
To: Susan Gaertner ID Ramsey County Attorney
To: Larry Dease Lawyer ID Court Administrator
Amicus Curie Information: By information an d Belief Lisa Martin DSI Inspector
x wife of Aaron Foster, Murder of Barb Will, is heavily involved with the Thefts
towing of all cars at the Police Impound Lot, Sharons included.
re: 697 Surrey Ave St. Paul,MN 55106-Pin
Please take legal Notice:
Sat. 15March08 The Tax Statement for the above parcel was received
2007 $746.66 + Special assessments $924 At Issue
2008 Total Tax before Assessments$898.26
Assessments $1,745.74 = $2,644.00
Pursuant to Sharon Anderson's Legal E-Commerce and Faxed to City Clerk Shar Moore tel: 651-266-8670 Fax: 651-266-8574 with Notice of Claims Form for Sharon Anderson $66 Million with $500,000.00 in the above matter with 21 pages of Exhibits from 1978 to the present 2008 30 yrs of Forensic Evidence, Bill Dahns Claim over 1/2 Million for his Homestead at 256 Morton St. Paul, Illegal Sheriff Sales etc
Notice to all concerned,media etc. at and at Sun. 16Mar08
again today Tues 18Mar08 to the Mark Oswald 651-266-2000,651-26-2193 Fax: 651-266-2199, Stephen Baker Assessor 651-266-2005, in Good Faith compliance, sent thro the US Mails, permit no117 to extort Illegal Fees, Assessments construed as Liens against the Property, the undersigned Private AG, Whistleblower, is challenging
1. Constitutionality of the Tax Code in its entirety
a. Interest, penalitys based on Fraud, Theft, MS609.43 must vacate
2. False Charges, against the property without decending to particulars
3. Stealing Sharons Car,Trailer, Damage to Fence, Retaining Walls, Driveway
without Warrants, Tickets, Formal Complaints is Bizzare.Stalking by Lantry
19Apr07 and Police triggering major medical with fractured ankle, etc.
4. Then to Lien Assessmentss based on Theft,Trespass,Treason is Criminal
Conduct RICO.
THEREFORE: Pursuant to Sharons FOIA Demands, to comply with the right of REFUND
Trying to resolve before the 28Mar08 this issue, Mark Oswald's Bias/Prejujdice to get a Lawyer is not well taken,
THEREFORE: the next step is to the Board of Appeals/Equalization,call to Bonnie Jackelen
FOIA Demand, a. Who sits on the Board, Demand Electronically the Form to fill out for Hearing, with the
3rd step Tax Court before 30Apr08.
Sharon is not challenging the market value, Who cares, The Assessments, plus interest, penalitys are Liens Unconstitutionally applied by false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud,
are contrary to the UCC, For Public Policy must be addressed.

A07-740 In re: A Purported Financing Statement in the District Court
A07-742 of Ramsey County, Minnesota; Camille Bohlke, moving
party, Respondent (A07-740); Bradley Parker, moving
party, Respondent (A07-742), vs. Kevin E. Giebel,
Ramsey County District Court, Hon. Joanne M. Smith.
I. The expedited-review provisions in Minn. Stat. § 545.05 (2006) apply only to security interests or liens covered by Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
II. Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code does not apply to attorney liens.
Reversed; motion denied. Judge Harriet Lansing.

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Subject:Ramsey County PRR-697 Surrey_32. -FOIA DEMANDS
Date:3/18/2008 5:22:09 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From:Sharon4Anderson,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sharon4Anderson